Darkim Responsible Living 
For Women Inc Nfp

"Recovery Comes First"

Homelessness Is Real


Darkim Responsible Living for Women Is a place for renewing your life back on track. Being responsible living life on life's terms wasn't heard of with me. I had been on my own at a very young age. Had children at a very young age. Got involved with the streets and was introduced to drugs at a very young age. DRLW taught me how to become independent and comfortable with myself. I never thought I would live to see me living life like a normal person. Going to work, paying bills, and helping others. DRLW taught me these things. They showed me a new way of life. They sent me to places that they knew would help me get my life back on track. Today, I work and pay my own bills. I have a relation with my kids and family, and I help other people. I even volunteer at DRLW events because I know they helped me. So, I just want to do something for them. I love Mrs. Kim, she was like a mom to me, and I will continue to do what she wants me to do for myself and that is to stay clean and sober and to believe in myself.

                                                                                                                                                             This Better than BBQ Chicken

I wish to express my gratitude towards the services I was provided at DRLW when I arrived at their  doors as a homeless single mother of  a 3 year old. At DRLW, my son and I found shelter and strength from Mrs. Kim with her knowledge of resources. Each and every workshop taught me life-building skills. . . .Currently, I am in my place with my three kids, at the time, my family cared for them while I got myself together. I have been on the same job since leaving DRLW. I firmly believe residing at DRLW for the time I was there, taught me the skills I needed to survive and have faith in my capabilities. I thank DRLW, and I will recommend this place to whoever is serious about turning their lives around.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Forever Grateful

My story is complicated, and DRLW understood. I lost my home. DRLW, took me in and I could barely walk. Everyone wanted to send me to a nursing home, and I knew  I did not belong there. DRLW, excepted my situation and I have been moving around on my own everyday. I can't move like I would like to but knowing that I can be independent and be able to go and come as I please. I am grateful to DRLW. I miss my home and I never thought it would come to this. It was a very overwhelming experience loosing my home and to know that no one would take me in and my only result was a nursing home. My own family had excuses but DRLW took me in regardless of my slight handicap. Without the help of DRLW, I don’t quite know what I would have done. I would like to just express my thanks.

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