Darkim Responsible Living 
For Women Inc Nfp

"Recovery Comes First"

Homelessness Is Real


In-house items needed:

Twin beds

Bed Linen

Twin Bed Mattress Covers

Twin bed Spreads/ Comforters


Wash cloths/Bath Towels




Small kitchen appliances

Electronics (inquire)


Office supplies

Gift cards also can help with mention items above


We celebrate every resident’s birthday with a gift! Example gifts: bath robe, personal stereo, clock radio, gift cards to local businesses (Walmart, Target, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Subway, McDonalds etc), jewelry/jewelry boxes, hair cullers or other birthday items for women)


Everyday needed items for DRLW:





Toiletries (deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.)

Combs & hair Brushes



Jackets & sweaters


Totes for storage

Bed linens

Pads and tampons


Cosmetics and nail polish - These items can help some women feel better about their appearance, especially for job interviews.

Bus passes - They spend a lot of time trying to get around while searching for employment, looking for housing and keeping various appointments.

Gift cards- At times they have no money while seeking employment day to day and it can get pretty hungry and thirsty out there while they are being productively responsible


Please Note: All donors receive an acknowledgment that includes a confirmation

of their donation for their tax records through email, please assure accurate email address.

Please consider our monthly support Donations:

$25   $50   $100   $500   $0ther (inquire with link below)

Your generosity helps sponsor women of DRLW to ensure the ongoing sustainability of our organization, so that we can be here for the women of tomorrow, next year, and long into the future.

Donate by Mail:

332 S. Michigan Ave

Suite 1032

Chicago IL 60604

(gift cards and bus cards are critical

for are women please consider when

donanting through mail)


Cultural & Activity Events: 

Event outings provide a special treat and an opportunity to build community and reduce isolation among the women of DRLW. Groups can range from 6-15 women, with children being occasional participants. Example events: tickets to the movies, theatre, or concerts, restaurant gift certificates, tickets to sporting events, museum passes, and organized events for small groups (bowling, skating).

Donate A Vehicle:

Did you know that you'll help DRLW with supportive services for women who need outside program transportation?
You can donate a Van and receive a tax deduction for your donation, and you’ll also provide much-needed support to DRLW as we strive to curve the existence of homelessness among women.



Darkim Responsible Living for Women thank you for your support!