Darkim Responsible Living 
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"Recovery Comes First"

Homelessness Is Real

Our Story

Daryl and I understand what it was like being in uncontrollable predicaments and incomprehensive situations. We even know how it felt experiencing hunger or not knowing where we would lay our heads once the sun went down.  Telling my husband I was a victim of domestic violence was one of my challenges.  Reaching out to others was even harder.  Being referred to community services and advocacy programs, such as ours years ago,were the key to a new way of living. We saw it worked! We had to help! We got involved!


Darkim want you to know this road of commitment wasn't easy. Struggles with finances and no recollection on how to manage a house for women with children was beyond measures, but faith kept us moving and our faith today keeps us going. 


Today DRLW has been managing a productive shelter for women for over 14 years. DRLW know community involvement is the key to a productive lifestyle for women who continues to experience homelessness.